To reach where everyone else does not see


Influence Healthcare International is a full-service healthcare advisory and consulting company.

  • We are a team of seasoned professionals with unrivalled expertise in the field of healthcare system transformation and integrated technology solutions in the domain of healthcare industry.
  • We believe in collaboration and integration with vendors and clients to define values, make markets, and create disruptive solutions.
  • Our focus is on building cultures, maximizing revenues and investing in innovation.

Transformation by Disruption

Adapt to and capitalize on strengths and opportunities caused by disruption


Kaizen Philosophy

Implement the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement


Delivering the highest possible value through optimal processes that produce zero waste, contain costs, and provide a better clinical outcome

Information Communication

Optimizing patient communication and flow of information

Our Business Model

While the various projects differ in scope and scale, our business model follows the same principles

We are accountable for our results

We partner with you in your profits and losses

Knowledge transfer at every level of the organization

We infuse unique IHI methodology at every level of the organization.
Our knowledge is based on pronounced Japanese methodology in healthcare systems

Dedicated Healthcare Financing Systems

  • - Healthcare M&As (Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • - Hospital Financing
  • - Healthcare Funds

Dedicated Healthcare Financing Systems

  • - HMIS (Hospital Management Information System)
  • - Blockchain and Hospitals and Healthcare Systems
  • - Blockchain Revenue Cycle Management
  • - Supply Chain Systems
  • - Transformation into Blockchain-Hospitals

The Bottom Line "Our Unique Paradox"

  • - Operate at Lower Costs
  • - Lower Prices
  • - Higher Quality

Long Term Strategy

Remain aligned and pursue improvements with an eye on the future

Cost Containment

Facilitate lower organizational costs while increasing overall patient care

Acquire Technology

Leverage synergistic relationships and solutions to further industry wide improvements

Maintain Transformation

Sustain implemented transformation and accelerate subsequent progress

Staff Retaining

Boost staff satisfaction by fostering ownership, growth and transparency

Healthcare Digital Transformation

What does influence healthcare international mean by digital transformation?

  • Following structurally planned long term strategies
  • Achieve business objectives through latest technology enabled changes
  • Add value, create new business models and opportunities by changing culture and leveraging appropriate technology
  • Drive transformation by applying process digitization, virtual services, artificial intelligence, integrated IoT devices and blockchain technology
AI and machine learning algorithms to provide new healthcare capabilities by utilizing data gathered through the information systems and IoT platform
IoT platform integration to improve patient treatment as well as operations based on wearables gathered data
Incorporation of patient provided data into overall care delivery cycle. Monitoring of vital signs of patients remotely allowing the intervention earlier in the process

IHI Integrated Transformation

Flow of Information

Real time seamless flow of information among related stakeholders and workers connectivity


Autonomation to predict errors, prevent complications and reduce costs


Connecting equipments and devices with workers for safer hospitals


Integration with IoT for automated real time data for deeper analysis and insight to develop safer and better systems

Increase Productivity and Safer Systems

Transformation Principles


Kaizen Philosophy

Consistently strive to reduce waste and increase quality

Employee Empowerment

By engaging of front line staff

Grassroot Driven Transformation

Encourage stronger buy-in from the bottom up, gaining more traction and better odds towards success

Hospital Information Management System

Goals and Structure

Automate and integrate patient care, financial and administrative activities, aided by business intelligence and operational statistics.

Effectively manage available resources, streamline organizational operations and increase efficiency.

Core Service
Support Services
back office

Internet of Things

Use IoT platform to improve patient treatment and operations based on wearable’s gathered data.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Implement innovative algorithms to provide new healthcare capabilities, utilizing data gathered through the information systems and IoT platform.

Business Intelligence

Applications to gather data and understand processes while ensuring quality and controlling cost.